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How to start dropshipping in Pakistan in 2023

How to start dropshipping in Pakistan

If are you an entrepreneur looking for new business ideas in Pakistan with a little bit of investment, then this article is helpful for you in finding new ways to explore your skills and talent in digital marketing. In the digital world dropshipping in Pakistanis becoming the easy track for e-commerce people to make money and build a business. The Dropshipping business is exploding in the world, let’s learn How to start a dropshipping in Pakistan.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business where a mediator can sell assets without having any products. The customers buy their goods from the mediator’s store at the selling price, and then the mediator forwards the order and details of the customers to the supplier. The suppliers complete the order and ship the order to customers and suppliers get a wholesale price from the mediator.

The dropship business has a wide range variety of products that are sold by middlemen. You can try different experiments on the Dropship business because your investment is nothing and you sell many goods. If some products are not sold then you remove the products from your online store. 

How is dropshipping different from traditional e-commerce?

In the dropshipping business, the dealer doesn’t buy any inventory for his online store, but gets orders from customers and forwards the order and shipment details to the wholesaler. There is no risk of loss of money or any other scam.

Traditional e-commerce is a business in which the seller buys the goods for his online store and stores the inventory in bulk. Traditional e-commerce requires much investment and space for stuff in stores. This business is precarious for new entrepreneurs.

Why start dropshipping in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, nowadays job opportunities for educated people are like finding the needle in a haystack; it’s slim picking out there. So, Dropshipping is a great track to set up their business with low-cost investment.

Dropshipping has the biggest benefit in that there is a low-cost investment in inventory, the seller just sets up the online store and deals with customers.

The mediator has no worries about the shipment of the products, the mediator just gets orders from the customers and sends the orders and shipment details to the supplier.

There are no boundaries to working in a specific place or particular office for an entrepreneur, dropshipping has location flexibility business. Are you sitting in the TV lounge, your room, or any office? Your business starts where you sit and work hard on your niche.

Start dropship in Pakistan is great, and this business is low-risk for a new entrepreneur who makes money without investment.

The dropship is a vast business and has no geographical limitations because you work from Pakistan and can deal with the orders locally as well as internationally.

There is no time barrier in the dropship. You make your timetable according to your schedule which balances your professional life with your personal life.

Is Dropshipping Halal?

Dropshipping is not prohibited, and there are many concerns/views from different scholars available on the web. But becoming an agent is permissible, where you act as a middleman between the buyer and seller. The seller must clarify on their website that they don’t own the goods and provide all necessary details, including the exact date of delivery. The buyer must pay in full, and the seller must take liability if something goes wrong.

How to start dropshipping in Pakistan?

The typical steps involved in dropshipping are as follows:

1. Choose a profitable niche

profitable niche

For drop shipping research in the marketplace which niche or product is profitable? (Every Business starts with a niche and scales gradually, so if you think that you don’t want to start and scale a business from Scratch then you can buy the running business from Exitbase). To find a good product start with yourself, searching the products with your own knowledge and research method.

Choosing the profitable niche follows the trend, for this use Google Trends to know the demand for the product.

And to check Amazon bestseller products about the niche to know the history and revenue generated from this product. A tool AMZcout helps find suitable products for selling.

For a profitable niche, a seller must know the market size, customers’ behavior, and competition toward the targeted niche.

2. Find trustworthy suppliers

trustworthy suppliers

The next step after choosing a profitable niche is to find a reliable supplier. The supplier must be responsible and dependable because you rely on it for products. The supplier should be given good quality stuff and shipment on time because you build the trust of customers.

To find a supplier a seller must check the supplier’s ratings and reviews about service. The supplier can find different platforms such as Alibaba, and  Alidropship.

3. Build your business brand and logo

brand and logo

You have both products and suppliers, now it is time to make a business brand identity, name, and logo for the new dropship business. These are necessary steps for the build a new startup business. As we are best branding company in Lahore, so you can contact us for your logo and branding needs.

4. Create Your Online Store

 Online Store

The most important steps to create an online store for your new dropship business. You can use the Shopify and Woocommerce platforms to create the new online store. Ensure that the online platform you choose for making an e-commerce store is user-friendly and gives an unobstructed place for entrepreneurs.  We are best ecommerce company in Lahore and developing ecommerce stores on Shopify and Woocommerce, so contact us for great design and SEO optimization. We have also covered how to start an ecommerce business in Pakistan.

5. Promotion of your online store


The next step is to promote your online store through social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook advertisement. You can also go for paid promotion through Google AdWords and Facebook advertisements to reach a greater readership. We are also providing Digital Marketing Services in Pakistan and PPC Services in Pakistan so you may contact us for reaching next level for your online journey.

 6. Good service for customers

Good service for customers

This is the seller’s responsibility to ensure the customers are satisfied with the supplier’s service. Communicate with suppliers and update product shipments to ensure the orders of customers arrive on time.

If your service is good then the customers become happy and loyal to you and give positive feedback.

Challenges  of dropshipping in Pakistan

Drop shipping is a vast range of business in Pakistan but it faces some hurdles, drawbacks, and challenges which are the following:

  • Dropshipping gives low profit margins because sometimes sellers pay a high amount of price to the supplier which is higher than the wholesale price.
  • Sometimes the shipment time is longer than 2 months because of another country supplier, which discomfort the customers.
  • Dependence on suppliers is a main challenge for the seller because a supplier makes the business reliable if they work efficiently.
  • Pakistan is a developing country and mediator faces legal and regulated challenges for taxes, customs, and legal issues.
  • The sellers also face one of the main problems in which they have a reliable gateway for payment and logistic issues.

How to Overcome the challenges of dropshipping

To overcome these challenges different ways must be adopted which are given below:

  • Finding a reliable supplier to overcome the challenges in Pakistan. If a supplier gives his performance good you automatically receive positive feedback from the customers. 
  • Make sure that your supplier ships the orders in time which is a plus point for your business.
  • In the dropship business competition is increasing day by day, to overcome this problem you must choose a reliable and good niche that remains always in trend and has a big market size.
  • A seller must adopt a reliable gateway for payment issues such as JazzCash and EasyPaisa.
  • The seller should be loyal and clear with their customers about products because of increasing frauds and scams in Pakistan.

Best dropshipping companies in Pakistan 

Dropshipping is a business model where you do not invest inventory in stock and earn money by becoming a dealer between customers and suppliers.  The sellers in  Pakistan face different hurdles and challenges to running a successful e-commerce business. Pakistan is running the most reliable companies such as Baby Bazar, Daraz, and AliExpress.

Baby Bazar is a platform where all baby stuff and accessories are present. The Baby Bazar is the most reliable e-commerce business because it has a huge catalog at affordable prices. The new parents want clothes, toys, and comfortable bedsheets for their newborns from Baby Bazar.

The Babybazar.Pk is a successful dropshipping company in Pakistan that has a high-quality product at an affordable price.

Daraz.PK is also a successful company in Pakistan, Daraz has a big catalog of every stuff. The Daraz covers all accessories like baby stuff, electronics, makeup, jewelry, menswear, and food items.

AliExpress is also a great choice for a new entrepreneur to set up their online business. AliExpress is one of the best suppliers in Pakistan to cover all stuff at an affordable price and deliver orders on time.

Shopify is a platform where entrepreneur makes online stores for their online business with a little bit of investment. Shopify is one of the most successful marketplaces which is reliable for a new entrepreneur.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ’s)

How to start dropshipping in Pakistan?

Dropshipping in Pakistan is becoming a full-fledged business for entrepreneurs. The first step find a good product, 2nd choose a reliable supplier and 3rd make an online store for the new business.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a business in which an entrepreneur builds a business with a low-cost investment and sells the products without having any inventory in stores. The suppliers complete the orders and shipments of customers.

How much cost is required to start a dropship business in Pakistan?

A dropship business is a good option for a new entrepreneur in Pakistan because in dropship a little bit of investment is required.  About 50,000 to 10,0000 PKR is required to set up an e-commerce website and online store for marketing.

What is traditional e-commerce?

Traditional e-commerce is a business model in which a businessman invests a large amount of money in stuff and also looks for a store where the stuff is stored. This is a high-risk business in terms of investment. 

Is an international supplier allowed for dropshipping in Pakistan?

Dropship is a broad business that creates high revenue in Pakistan. So Pakistan allows international suppliers for dropshipping.

How to start a dropshipping in Pakistan without money?

You can start a drop-ship business without money by following the steps.

  • First, choose a profitable niche
  • Find a dependable supplier
  • Create your online store
  • Market your online store 
  • Analyze and enhance the store’s capabilities


The article is all about How to start dropshipping in Pakistan in detail, compared with other business models, challenges, benefits, and drawbacks are covered. The dropship business for a new entrepreneur is a great opportunity to set their business at a low-cost value.

Dropshipping is a business of millions of dollars that generates revenue which helps to stabilize the Pakistan economy. Different companies worked with national and international suppliers to make a wonderful business model.

If you are looking for Dropshipping service providers in Pakistan, You can contact us for best services.

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Learning Centre Team

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